Case Study: How a wedding florist got her first 3 paying clients in 30 days

Madison Hartley, a Bend Oregon Florist and owner of A Native Bloom was not a small business owner last month. In fact she wouldn’t even have called herself a florist, but less than 30 days later she has a thriving new business and an additional source of income from what she once considered a hobby.

Madison always liked making unique artwork and enjoyed using flowers as her medium, but she never thought she could make money off of it, then her brother Ben saw her work.  Her brother is a nationally renowned wedding photographer, so he’s seen a lot of wedding flowers.  When he saw the types of flower arrangements his sister was creating, he told her she had to start her own business and offer her services to brides. A Native Bloom was born the following week.

A Native Bloom creates unique flower arrangements, mostly for weddings, that have a wild natural quality to them. Madison uses a mixture of local flowers and plants that are native to Bend Oregon to create her beautifully original flower arrangements.

But how did she get her first paying clients? Trade shows

Madison registered as a vendor for a local wedding trade show and set up a small booth.  Her flowers stood out and she instantly had the interest of the room.  Within the first hour of the show she had already booked her first paying client.

Attending industry conferences and trade shows is a great way to meet other professionals in your industry as well as book new clients. Madison went from nothing to having a profitable business in 30 days.

What’s holding you back from taking action?

How Sending Sample Images Helped This Photo Booth Rental Company

Free samples are a great way to remove the uncertainty of a purchase.  By giving potential customers a sample of what they’ll be purchasing they’ll be less likely to return it or ask for a refund. By giving someone some sort of sample, it also adds a layer of reciprocity to the transaction.

One Photo Booth Rental company took this strategy to the next level, here’s what they did.

InstaStyle Photo Booth Rentals is a photo booth rental company located in Columbus, Ohio.  They provide high end photo booth rentals to all types of events ranging from birthdays to weddings.  One market they wanted to continue to expand into was corporate events.

InstaStyle knew that they had to get in front of the decision makers, so they found out the names of the people planning the corporate parties for several large local companies and sent them a sales letter along with samples of the quality of their photo booth images.

They ended up completely booking out their photo booth for the month of December, and earning enough revenue to invest in a second booth.

How Dr.Lee Uses Meetups to Get More Leads For His Chiropractor Business

In the United States people usually only go to doctors when there is something wrong with them, but according to the American Chiropractic Association regular visits to your chiropractor or health care physician are critical to preventing small problems from growing into critical issues.

But most people don’t even think about visiting a chiropractor before the first signs of trouble surface, so how can a Chiropractor get the attention of potential customers before it’s to late? Dr. Lee a Chiropractor from Columbus Ohio has used one technique to attract a sizable client based… all before he even officially opened his doors.

Dr. Lee of Riverside Family Chiropractic contacts local businesses and schedules small one hour seminars to educate the employees of those businesses on the benefits of chiropractic treatments.  Not only is Dr. Lee establishing himself as a local authority, but he is also helping the community by answering their health related questions for free.

Performing these lectures has been a great lead generation method for his business and has helped him quickly gain a loyal customer base while he begins to build his new Ohio practice.

Dr. Lee proves that educating your customers and becoming THE local authority in your niche is the best way to set yourself up for long term success in your industry.

Chiropractor Columbus Ohio

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