How Sending Sample Images Helped This Photo Booth Rental Company

Free samples are a great way to remove the uncertainty of a purchase.  By giving potential customers a sample of what they’ll be purchasing they’ll be less likely to return it or ask for a refund. By giving someone some sort of sample, it also adds a layer of reciprocity to the transaction.

One Photo Booth Rental company took this strategy to the next level, here’s what they did.

InstaStyle Photo Booth Rentals is a photo booth rental company located in Columbus, Ohio.  They provide high end photo booth rentals to all types of events ranging from birthdays to weddings.  One market they wanted to continue to expand into was corporate events.

InstaStyle knew that they had to get in front of the decision makers, so they found out the names of the people planning the corporate parties for several large local companies and sent them a sales letter along with samples of the quality of their photo booth images.

They ended up completely booking out their photo booth for the month of December, and earning enough revenue to invest in a second booth.

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